Satisfy your thirst for adventure! Travel worry-free knowing that we have your back for the unexpected.

What we cover?

  • Trip Cancellation and/or Postponement
  • Replacement of Traveller
  • Loss of Baggage/Personal Belongings
  • Overseas Medical Expenses
  • 24-Hours Travel Assistance Hotline


Enjoy world-class travel protection with worldwide coverage. AIG’s Travel Guard® helps keep unexpected problems off your itinerary with 24/7 worldwide assistance. From minor inconveniences to major emergencies, we are prepared for what may go wrong, so you can enjoy your holiday.

Pack a travel insurance that really has your back. TravelEasy covers adventurous activities you love, and protects you and your family with over 50 benefits.

Be it a three-day getaway to a beach resort in Bali or a month-long vacation in Europe, the last thing you want is to worry about flight diversions, accidents, lost baggage and other travel inconveniences. TourCare Plus takes care of all this, so you can explore the world worry-free.